Style Guide

2020 and 2021 have forced us to look at our homes more intensely and intentionally than ever before. This is showing itself in the interior design trends for 2022. Some of these have been on the rise already and are continuing or shifting, while others will emerge from the effects of the past two years. […]

As a company, we get asked this question a lot; which rooms should I stage? And while there’s always a case for staging every space in your property, sometimes budgets are limited. If you’re going to just partially stage your property when listing, here are the top five areas we recommend. Living Room This is […]

Maybe you haven’t thought about having a “stunning bedroom”. If you’re the only one or one of only a few people who normally see this space, it’s understandable if it hasn’t been given extra attention to really be showcased. However, we’d argue that even having a show-stopper for just yourself is worth it! It can […]

Every home has that one awkward corner or wall that seems pointless or just tough to know how to fill. Maybe it’s the corner behind your sofa, or that awkward space by your closet doors. Instead of leaving it bare or using it as a catchall for miscellaneous junk, it’s time to put that space […]

As holiday season approaches, the dining table is getting an extra emphasis and a real opportunity to be a showstopper. Whether you’re gathering with just your household, adding a few family members, or hosting a big party, table decor is the perfect way to upgrade the evening! There are thousands of directions you can take […]

Whether you have a small outdoor balcony or a large patio, we’re all wanting to stretch out our outdoor time as much as possible. Finding a way for your patio to be usable in both warm and cool months is not only enjoyable for you, but adds value if you’re thinking of selling your property […]

Ever wonder how we get those spaces looking their best for photography sessions and open houses? We’re diving in to HAVEN’s process from consult to contract by taking you through a HAVEN project and the various roles of a home stager. CONSULTATION & PROPOSAL Where it all begins. One of our design consultants reviews photographs, […]

THE PROBLEM: You’re not a fan of your floors Flooring is a biggie. They have the potential to totally compliment your furnishings or fully oppose them. So what do you do when you can’t change the floors, like in a rental, or your current budget doesn’t allow for brand new floors right away? Here’s some […]

While there has been a building trend in design and lifestyle of bringing greenery into the home and styling with plants, it seems like it’s become even more important post-2020. That being said, it’s important to know some tips and tricks for styling with plants, so let’s get your green thumb going! KNOW YOUR ENVIRONMENT […]

It’s the ultimate question, right? What are the best renovations for high ROI – your return on investment? Whether you’re planning to sell your home within a year or five years, it’s good to know what updates will get you the biggest home value increase ahead of time. Here’s some trends for renovations for ROI […]