Style Guide

Room design is a process. It can be one that involves several evolutions of a space, or it can start from nothing but wall studs and go from there. Regardless of if you’re starting over with a blank canvas or reconfiguring a current room in your house, we’ve got some tips for how to get […]

Basements tend to get the brush-off in terms of priority of home projects to tackle. However, they can add value to your home while adding a TON of usable living space. Here’s some tips for good basement design to maximize the potential of your space. THE NITTY GRITTY No matter what you’re starting with, the […]

Blue is a truly timeless color. It’s one of those colors that everyone likes (at least in some version), and it can easily blend with any existing decor and can complement any existing color scheme. It’s soothing, calm, and inviting. Here’s some ways you can start styling with blue and work it into your decor. […]

As stagers, we get asked a LOT of questions about areas of the home that are perhaps less obvious selling points. Kitchens and bathrooms are important, of course, but they’re trickier to know how to style than something like a living room. Read on for our top tips for these spaces you shouldn’t forget about […]

Flex spaces have always been valuable. Particularly in smaller homes, they can really help your space give you everything you need. Thanks to all that was 2020 – with over a year of working, schooling, and lounging from home – flex spaces have gained in popularity (and honestly, necessity). Stuck on how to start? Here’s […]

If you got a chance to check out our post on Interior Design trends for 2022, you might remember the term “warm minimalism”. Today we’re breaking down what this really means, and what makes it a design style in its own right. A BREAK FROM THE COLD Minimalism is a style that’s been around for […]

Movie nights are always a good time. If you want to take yours from good to great, you’re going to want a few things in the space ready to go. Here’s what we recommend for a cozy and special movie night at home. Sofa and Seating Besides your entertainment system, the seating for your movie […]

Color in design can be somewhat daunting. There’s just so many options! Adding bold color into design can be even more daunting. Thankfully, there’s so many ways you can add color into your space in both large and small ways. Check out some of our favorite colorful additions. ALL IN For the very adventurous, going […]

2020 and 2021 have forced us to look at our homes more intensely and intentionally than ever before. This is showing itself in the interior design trends for 2022. Some of these have been on the rise already and are continuing or shifting, while others will emerge from the effects of the past two years. […]

As a company, we get asked this question a lot; which rooms should I stage? And while there’s always a case for staging every space in your property, sometimes budgets are limited. If you’re going to just partially stage your property when listing, here are the top five areas we recommend. Living Room This is […]