Style Guide

We love to mix metals, and frankly this trend is probably going to be around for a while! Matchy-matchy has given way to more organic and dynamic design and we are here for it! Understandably, this trend can intimidate people at times. It’s true that you can take metal mixing a bit too far, so […]

Maybe you’ve noticed it as well, but GREEN is all over the place, and has been since 2020. In everything from wall paint to fall jackets, styling with green in several shades is popular – particularly sage and earthy greens and deep emeralds. Today we’re going to give some inspiration on how to incorporate this […]

Spending all this time at home has maybe stirred a desire in you to change up your space. We’re noticing things we had glossed over previously, and we’re using our spaces in ways we didn’t imagine needing. It’s natural to be taking some interest in refreshing your space. Today we’re going to talk about how to […]

Selling your home is a big deal, and can sometimes be stressful. Between deciding when to list your home for sale, for how much, and what home renovations you should do beforehand, there is a lot of planning involved. One important aspect that many sellers overlook is staging. No matter if you live in a […]

As home stagers, we at HAVEN have styled LOTS of living rooms in all shapes and sizes. Each has its own pros and cons in terms of layout, but the fun part is figuring out how to maximize the space when we lay out a living room. Layouts anywhere in your home can present design […]

Mirrors are great. Like, really great. Of course we use them in the usual places, like bathrooms or in closets, but mirrors can transform spaces when used well and in creative ways. They are art, light amplifiers, architectural, versatile, and we’ll be using them forever. As ART: You can of course use a mirror as […]

Loft spaces are so fun to work with, but they present some really intense design challenges. Here’s some things to consider when you’re decorating a loft. ZONES The most important thing to consider is establishing zones. This is the first thing we tackle when designing loft spaces for staging. Loft or industrial spaces can be […]

We all could use a little more beauty in 2020, and HAVEN is rising to the call. Since HAVEN’s mission is to beautify interior spaces in Chicago, we looked for a great opportunity to give back to the city we love in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. We have partnered with Chicago Gateway Green and […]

We may not be in full quarantine lifestyles now, but we’re still spending much more time at home than before, which means that the closet you’ve been successfully avoiding for perhaps several years is now in your face daily and it’s time to address it. Maybe it’s the pantry that needs a revamp, or maybe […]

Small spaces can be really great if you know how to make them work to the max. It takes some planning and a bit of patience, but overall they don’t need to feel cramped or untidy. There are lots of tricks to how you can maximize your small space! Here’s some of our top ideas […]